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Massage Services
I provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. My most popular services are shown below. Please call me at 813-205-4829 or check my Facebook page. Click on the link   for more information, gift certificates and 
current promotions.

Check descriptions and prices below.
Long flowing massage strokes, using light to medium pressure to relax tense
and sore muscles and to increase circulation.
Slow deep pressure, focusing on the deep layers of the muscles to relieve pain,
spasms and restricted movement due to injuries or chronic tight muscles.
Relaxing and pampering for the new mom or mom-to-be, increases circulation, brings more oxygen to the muscles, relaxes tension and helps to alleviate sciatic nerve pain which is very common in pregnancy.
An ancient form of massage with the use of essential oils and heated stones
which warm the soft tissue to achieve a deeper relaxation.
The use of essential oils and blends to release tension, promote healing, and
create balance and well being in the body. A blend specially prepare for your
needs and you will take your Aromatherapy blend with you so you can use it 
at home.
This is a technique that is modified according to your needs, which when
combined with massage increases range of motion and flexibility.

Arthrossage is different from the more traditional Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. This is a clothing-on treatment that focuses on increasing flexibility, lubricating joints and lengthening muscles. This type of treatment can be a helpful tool for arthritis prevention. As a massage professional, this is a great service to provide and a great treatment for my clients to receive.

RELAXATION MASSAGE                   
        1HR      $60                1/2HR     $35             90 MIN     $100
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                     
        1HR      $75                1/2HR     $40             90MIN       $100
PREGNANCY MASSAGE                      
        1HR      $60                1/2HR     $40
HOT STONE MASSAGE                         
        1HR      $95               90MIN    $125
         1HR     $75               1/2HR     $45              90MIN      $100
ISOLATED STRETCHING                      
         1HR      $75              90MIN      $100

ARTHROSSAGE                                    $75


3 One Hour Deep Tissue Massage                     $180 (save $45)
1Hour Relaxation Massage and Spa Facial        $100   (Save $25)
1Hour deep Tissue Massage and Spa Facial      $120    (Save $20)
DETAILS: The packages of 3 services are designed to take advantage of a maintenance program. This allows for the discounted prices.  Therefore they will expire in six months. If they are not used within six months they will no longer be valid.  Gift Certificates are excluded.       
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